Water Affordability Program

Below is a link to the original 2005 Water Affordability Program that was developed by Roger Colton, municipal utility expert on affordability programs; and presented to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department and Detroit City Council, January 2005.

This is the plan supported for implementation by the Detroit People's Water Board.

FULL PLAN: 2005 Water Affordability Program by Roger Colton for DWSD  (46 pages, MWRO google doc)

SUMMARY: 2005 Water Affordability Program  (1 page, MWRO google doc)

Prepared By:

Roger Colton
Fisher Sheehan & Colton
Public Finance and General Economics
34 Warwick Road, Belmont, MA 02478
617-484-0597 (voice) *** 617-484-0594 (fax)
roger@fsconline.com (e-mail)

For questions, please contact:

Maureen Taylor, State Chair of MWRO (313) 964-0618
Marilyn Mullane, Attorney and Director of Michigan Legal Services (313) 964-4130
Lorray S.C. Brown, Co-Managing and Consumer Law Attorney at Michigan Poverty Law Program (734) 998-6100


Stephen Banicki said...

This plan took a lot of time and effort6. The next step would be for the city to find a source of where the $13 million annually would come from. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

How about asking the consumers of the water to pay for what they use? I believe this is the standard model for utility companies.

How about the existing welfare assistance and other charitable programs cover those who can't afford water? Why the need to disguise another entitlement as some type of 'affordability plan' that the utility must administer themselves?

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