Maureen Taylor

Brief Biography:

Maureen D. Taylor is a lifelong soldier in the war against the poor. She has served as State Chair of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization since 1993, and was elected Treasurer of the National Welfare Rights Union in 1994.
Maureen D. Taylor

Ms. Taylor is dedicated community activist who represents public assistance recipients at Michigan Department of Human Service (DHS) offices over case disputes. Along with other welfare rights members, she conducts local and state DHS policy trainings and works with political leaders and corporations to draft policies and procedures that protect poor and low-income families.

Since 2002, MWRO has worked with thousands of concerned residents and organizations to stop water, gas, and electricity shut-offs for thousands of low-income households in Detroit. She has testified before Detroit City Council, in the Michigan State capitol, and before members of Congress and federal administrations on the plight of poor people, especially as safety net programs are removed without education or employment opportunities for low income families.

Maureen earned her Bachelor of Social Work at Marygrove College in 1983, where she was also the distinguished Valedictorian of her graduating class. In 1994, she earned her Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University. She has received many distinguished awards for her community organizing and leadership, and speaks at conferences and college campuses across the U.S. on poverty and safety net needs; changes in labor and the economy; civil rights history; and utility shutoffs and organizing. Maureen is a mother, educator and a member of local several boards and national community organizations.

Photos of Maureen Taylor  in action (more to come):
Protesting Detroit water shutoffs.
Defending immigrant rights

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lovemycitybut... said...

There are many vacant houses in Detroit with running water. I mean literally running water where you can hear It...Why dont the water department shut that water off instead of harassing low income families who struggle to make payments?...I'm on the payment plan , I'm also low income and unemployed I also have two children. I struggle to pay my water bill on time. Between the water and auto insurance in Detroit I'm ready to move to another state.